FreePbX Update question

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I want to take our our Asterisk Admin page from http to https.

We are currently running version 13.18.3. We have recently put out Asterisk outisde the firewall.

From what ive read some version have a https option in the GUI.

Is there a command to run om the CLI to make it https or do I have to upgrade to a new version to gain that functionality?

Another question is , are users able to change their own passwords on the user panel page , i have seen only an option to change a voicemail password?

Thanks for the help .

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A simple google search of “freepbx https” resulted with this link as the first native result.

There is NO option or tab that mentions HTTPS SETUP on my System Admin… as per :

On the top menu click Admin
In the drop down click System Admin
In the right side navigation menu click HTTPS Setup

My failing memory thinks that you need server certs installed before that option will show up.

I also remember some other discussions (in the past four or five months) about using server certs and putting the admin page on the HTTPS port, but I don’t recall if there was an issue that needed to be addressed. Andrew (@tm1000) was involved in that discussion, as I recall.

Your system needs to be activated for this option to show up

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