FreePBX under Nginx — anything to be aware of?

Our PBX has 512MB of RAM and things are getting tight, so I’m looking to slim down the software.

So, I’ve got Nginx and PHP-FPM set up on Scientific Linux 6.7 and everything seems to be working just fine with a very minimal config; has anyone else tried it and had any issues? Anything I should pay extra attention to when testing?

This is my first time working with Nginx and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get FreePBX up and running with it.

Care to share some instructions?

Sure, take a look here:

Feel free to click some ads while you’re there :wink:

No idea how well it will run under the outdated PHP 5.3 provided by the distro. I think PHP-FPM is much more mainstream now than it was 8 or 9 years ago; I use PHP 5.6. Definitely worth trying out though.

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There are some known issues with FreePBX 13 and PHP 5.6 (eg, Dashboard). FreePBX 14 is going to have 5.5 (? I think? Have a look in the wiki) as a minimum requirement, and we’re using PHP 5.6 in Distro7.

5.6 as the min…

Interesting, I don’t have any problems with dashboard, or anything else, running PHP 5.6.

I haven’t looked at RHEL 7 too closely yet though; it’s a big change!

Yeah because, as typical, the version of PHP 5.6 in CentOS (whereever we get it from I can’t recall). Uses some code from PHP 7.

Namely: PHP: Error - Manual

Which has a class conflict with Dashboard.