FreePBX unable to receive and call from PSTN


My FreePBX can no longer receive and call from PSTN.
When i call to my company tel, it will keep ringing and it seems like my FreePBX is not picking the call.
I looked at the log and i do not see any incoming call.
Likewise, when we try to call to external no. via PSTN it is not working too.

I have used a normal phone to test all my analog lines and they seems to be working fine.

Any pointer on how to troubleshoot this will be appreciated.

How do you connect to the PSTN? Card or gateway?

I’m using OpenVox card with 4FXO.
Is there any command that I can use to test the card?

I would start with


(man dahdi_tool)

The irony in coming to a Sangoma/Digium sponsored forum to ask for advice on a OpenVox clone knock off competitors card of Sangoma/Digium.


Thank u. Is there any way to simulate a pstn call using any command?

Am I right to rule out that it is not a hardware issue based on the following?

From the CLI you can make an outbound call with

channel originate DAHDI/(which_channel_you_are_testing) extension (whatever_works)

for an incoming call

channel originate local/(your_cell_number)@from-internal extension (your_dahdi_DID)

You should see the 4 columns (one per FXO) react to the 8 states as any call traverses the card The Tx is transmit, the Rx is receive , (ABC and D are only for the cognoscenti :slight_smile: and depend in how the channel is defined)

Sorry, i’m kinda new to this.
I realised that the DAHDI Channel DIDs is empty. Should there be anything?
Do I need to add 4 Channels into the list with the same DID?

They don’t have to be the same. They are needed for inbound routing

Will still need the DAHDI DID if i have set the following inbound rule?

I would just do it. But I wouldn’t try to send incoming calls out again (Trunks: PSTN (dahdi))

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