FreePBX UI loading error

Hi all !

Previously i was able to logged into freepbx UI ,no update has been made, here is the following error messaging i am getting while accessing into the freebx UI

The requested URL /admin/ajax.php was not found on this server.


I hope someone here could help me to fix that issue,

Look forward to your reply !

Thanks !


Please be aware that i am still there and waiting for any suggetion on this tread, i have surfed the net found many forums with simillar issues, but one of them did not post an answer that would help me to find a way to fix my issue.

The issue is : > The requested URL /admin/ajax.php was not found on this server. in a litlle red box on the top right conner in the freepbx page

I will many appreciate if someone has already experimented a same issue that was finally resolved,

My phones and trunk still working, i can make internal calls and external calls as well, i even be able to log in the console,but this problem arises just when i want to access the freepbx UI

Once again, i look forward to your reply.

Thanks !

the ajax.php is there?

Please go to Module Admin, check online, and upgrade/reinstall anything that is saying it has an error.

@james [quote=“james, post:3, topic:36482”]

the ajax.php is there?

I am sorry,what you mean about that ?
If there is anything i could do in a .conf file ?

Look forward to your reply,

@xrobau i will try to do according your suggestion as when as the system is up.

Thanks all !

I mean the file is under the directory which is URL /admin/ajax.php.

Someone posted a Hack Notice in which one of the symptoms was that the ajax.php file was renamed.

This sounds amazingly like that, and if that’s the case, I’d start looking for a user called “dude.”

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