FreePBX UCP: calls dropped after 45 sec

I have installed FreePBX, create extensions, and users. I use UCP phone to call from one extension to other, but calls dropped after 45 seconds.

In asterisk cli I can see following:

SRTP unprotect failed with: authentication failure 10
Got SIP response 500 “JsSIP Internal Error” from “extension_ip_address”

Can you help me?
Thanks advance.


I was able to fix the issue by disabling sip timers in sip_general_custom.conf.

Hello, I a, having the same issue however I am unable to find where to disable the sip timers.

My sip_general_custom.conf file is empty.
I am running asterisk 13.6 with freepbx 13

Thank you in advance.

thank you I found it… problem solved.