FreePBX trunk to BT Versatility

Hello All.

We have two offices, connected via a VPN.

Surrey office has just had a brand new FreePBX and a whole load of Grandstream handsets bought for it. We have a sip trunk providor and its all working really well !! Should have retired the olde panasonic system years ago.

Norfolk office has a BT Versatility, again works well is very stable. has a couple of POTS lines on it and a two trunk broadband module installed (BBM). Only one of the trunks is configured.

Our want is to connect the second trunk on the BT Versatility to the FreePBX system.

As a temporary work around, we have setup an extension on the FreePBX and configured that into the BT system but that only allows one call to take place at a time, its a bit akward to use too.

The BT BBM is able of supporting many calls, oddly even BT cannot tell us how many and don’t seem to motivated to tell us, not that its important. We’re out of contract anyway so perhaps thats why.

Any suggestions how to create a trunk between these two systems would be appreciated. (other than replacing the BT system, no funds for that unfortunatly)