FreePBX Trunk Down

Hi we currently are currently using FreePBX version and Asterisk Version: 16.24.0 at our company with ± 200 users we are currently facing an issue were the FreePBX has a trunk down everyday at 15:30 when are users shutdown there computers we believe it to be the switches.

Or can it be one of are settings because we are currently moving to a newer version of asterisk and FreePBX but we don’t want the same issues when we convert to the newer versions.

The users are also in different ring groups at the moment.

A call from Internal Extension: [1726]
With CID : [0518150000] has failed on host [PABX v5] at 07-14-2022 14:12:18
Number that was dialled : [0860222132]
PABX Trunk Status:
Vodacom Pri: [Up] @ 3 ms
Vodacom Fai: [Up] @ 7 ms
Neotel 12: [Up] @ 14 ms
Neotel 20: [Up] @ 14 ms

P4L Potch Trunk Status:
In: [Up] @ 8 ms
8 ms
Out: [Up] @ 8 ms

In: [Up] @ 8 ms
8 ms
Out: [Up] @ 8 ms

To analyse the above call in the Asterisk logs, use the following command:
less /var/log/asterisk/full | grep ‘00002798’

The errors we get when the trunk goes down everyday at 15:30.

And we already checked are time groups and time conditions for the error.

How long does the trunk stay offline?

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