FreePBX Trunk connection to Digital PBX?

A customer with multiple digital PBXs (Nortel and Avaya) wants to do call recording. Can I use FreePBX as the gateway for calls and record them as they pass through from the PSTN to their digital system? I assume it would be some sort of Trunk or would it be an FXO gateway? Thanks!

If we assume that they are actually using PSTN, that implies a T1 or ISDN connection. Let’s call it a T1 interface (because it’s easy to type) for now.

You can set up a “pass through” the connects the “inside” T1 interface to the “outside” T1 interface. The trunking would be straight forward enough, and then you just turn on call recording.

Having said that, though, there’s got to be a cheaper and easier way to do this. For example, replacing the “T1” interface on the outside with VOIP would reduce the monthly by a significant amount and would avoid the transcoding of the call from the Avaya (for example) to VOIP and back to POTS. Going with something like a T1-VOIP gateway and then routing the calls out through a device designed to just record calls on their way through might end up easier.

FreePBX is a back-to-back PBX and isn’t really well suited to a lot of things we do to it. This might be one of those places where other hardware/software might do a better job.