FreePBX Translation


I’m working on whole FreePBX translation to Polish language. I translated all *.pot files in modules and at admin but i have many english sentences which appear to cannot be translated. On some pages are some translated and not translated sentences and words. I can’t figure out what im doing wrong. Can somebody help me with this? Any clues?

You may want to check out the wiki article on translating FreePBX which is located here. If you still have questions, let me know.

Im translating manually just like wiki said so. And i got problems with some strings which i translated but on web page they are still in english.

For example in adding SIP extension i have half page in polish and half in english. I can’t figure out where i have to put translation to get whole page in one language. First few sections are translated but Voicemail, VmX and Endpoint sections are still in english.

You have to do this through weblate. Endpoint for example is a commercial module.

Do the translation in Freepbx 14 are still done in Weblate ?



ok do i’m still allowed to do translation ?