FreePBX translation: how to participate?

I would like to participate in the translation of Freepbx.
I followed the instructions given on the wiki :

But more than a month later, I have no news.
Can I participate in the translation of Freepbx?
If so, how do I proceed?
Thank you for your help!

HI @peyre

The instructions on the linked page are stale. Your submission agreement needs to be mailed to ‘code’ at See this page for more details:


Thanks for your reply.
Actually, I sent the previous submission agreement to ‘code at’ and ‘code at’.
Anyway, I just sent the new one back to code at sangoma.

wait & see :crossed_fingers:

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I got a reply from sangoma (to be precise, from Lorne), but my account still doesn’t have access to the weblate…
Is still the right place to participate in the translation?

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