FreePbx to Vocera

Hi team,
I’m running FreePBX with Vocera and i have some custom number to broadcast for example
vocera ext is 8800 the broadcast is 666 the group is 1113 so for me to broadcast to that group i have to dial
88006661113 when i call that number the PBX wont send all the numbers a cross i called vocera help they said they are receiving 8800******* please help thank you.

so they only get 8800?
Sometimes you can add a w at the end if it doesn’t seem to be finishing digits. You can add a w to the front if it seems to be loosing the first digit

w adds a 500ms pause and can flush the dtmf buffer.

If this is an analog connection use a buttset in monitor mode and see what you hear

yes they only get 8800
where should i add w thank you

and no it is not a analog connection

I use to run Trixbox it used to work

Can you please tell me where to put the w on extension thank you in advance

If your carrier answers immediately after dialing 8800, then you might try adding D(6661113) to the dial command,

D([called][:calling[:progress]]): Send the specified DTMF strings after
the called party has answered, but before the call gets bridged. The
DTMF string is sent to the called party, and the DTMF
string is sent to the calling party. Both arguments can be used alone. If
is specified, its DTMF is sent to the called party immediately
after receiving a ‘PROGRESS’ message.
See ‘SendDTMF’ for valid digits.


I am in the process of bidding my first Vocera platform. They are not very forthcoming on information. Would you be able to share your FreePBX setup for integration with the Vocera Platform?

Hi Joe,
Yes i have vocera and FreePBX working for about a year now i can show you the configuration but is not just FreePBX but you need vocera telephony gateway configured to PM I can see how i can help thank you

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