FreePBX to replace Cisco UC320W

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I am using WTT HK Sip trunk which has a lan cable connected to our Cisco UC320W WAN port. All phones are connected to a switch connected to it. This lan does not have internet data.

These are the data from the vendor:
SIP Trunk IP:
SIP Server IP: 10.yyy.006.001
Gateway IP:
Mask: (

I have FreePBX distro setup and I connect this SIP lan cable to office router and create a VLAN via System Admin module, and it never be online with. But when using Raspbx, same connection with manually add vlan like this, it can connect to the sip trunk:

auto eth0:1
allow-hotplug eth0:1
iface eth0:1 inet static

So what is the problem? When using Raspbx, call will be dropped after 32 seconds.

So how to config FreePBX disto for this config? I can use different router or lan card if required.

I see other equipment vendor can connect this sip trunk. See this at hk-matrix. com/index.php/how-to-connect-wharf-tt-sip-trunk-with-sipdex-m200-ippbx/

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I have been working with this for a month. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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