FreePBX to PBXAct

Hi Guys

I thought I’d post here, as its the weekend, I’m going going to here anything back from Support until next week.

We are trying to install a new PBXAct system, and have followed the following instructions:


  • Install the latest version of FreePBX from an ISO
  • Active it to enable PBXAct (fwconsole sysadmin activate XXXX)
  • Wait a few minutes, then run the fwconsole sa eol command

However, this should return PASSED; im getting FAILED.

fwconsole sa eol
* Sangoma EOL Testing for PBXactUC *
Sangoma License File: PASSED
Asterisk Running: PASSED
SSH Keys Installed: PASSED
Branding Module Name: oembranding
Branding Module: PASSED
Not Installed Modules: FAILED
Disabled Modules: PASSED
Operator Panel Installed: PASSED
Reload: PASSED
Overall Status: FAILED

Also, the web interfaces also isnt working…

Any ideas on what I could look at to try and get this up and running?


Could be related to the being apparently down.

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