FreePBX to Hubspot

I’ve bought a program that allows me to connect my FreePBX with Hubspot.
I am having a problem with it that the developer says I can solve it below. Anybody know what he might mean?

“I think you have inbound call queue so when one agent pick up call other agents show no answer by asterisk cdr do you need to stop that call records in asterisk ?”

At the bottom of your queue


Thank you!!
Sometimes it’s soooo simple, isn’t it.
In case anyone else is looking for it, the extension that connects FreePBX to Hubspot is at

Has anyone else looked at this solution?

I have a new customer that is using Hubspot and would like to get everything integrated.

I looked at their instructions and attempted to set it up on a test system, but bad instructions are bad. Even in their own video, it has errors. Also the instrucions were made against Elastix. Just eww old. I pieced together what was needed to get things launched, but it is not fully working.

I’ll drop $700 for this if it works and is reliable. But not seeing the confidence.

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