FreePBX "template" or "ghost" for quicker installation

Quick question: Can I install FreePBX with my default customizations and use it as a “ghost” to install new systems ?
Is there is a unique ID assigned during installation or is it just at the activation ?

I would like to be able to install FreePBX quicker by just copying my initial installation (which is on a virtual hard drive). The activation would be done afterwards.

I’d think that would work - obviously Lorne or James might know better, but I’d think you could do that.

It can cause issues and advise against it. Things like Node and others are optimised at install time for the CPUs and cores and what not.

Is their a way to re-initiate this optimization post install?


What are we talking about?

Maybe there is a way to script adding those instead…

Have a nice day!


Things like system recordings, IVRs, languages, some advanced options, MoH, etc.

It’s not a huge thing to reconfigure these things everytime but if I can avoid it, it would save me a lot of time in the long run.

If I always use the same virtual ressources (CPU Cores/RAM) everytime, would that help ?

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