Freepbx takes too long to start even with chown exclusions

My freepbx is taking over 15 minutes to start because it has to set permissions for over 6 million files. I have excluded several directories in freepbx_chown.conf like the monitor directory and voicemail. Is there a guide that lists all directories that fwconsole uses for chown operationes? How can I determine where those 6 million files are so I can exclude them and get asterisk started faster?

How do you measure the 15 minutes? Or, are you using the info on the dashboard?

I used a timer on my phone from the moment I did “fwconsole start” until it finishes and goes back to command prompt.

time fwconsole chown -v                       

find [directory] -type f | wc -l
It will tell you how many files you have inside that folders and subfolders, recursively. Check on dirs where you may have call recordings, backup files, etc.

real 17m14.217s
user 2m31.024s
sys 1m52.149s

After running this in verbose mode I can see that there are over two million files in the /var/lib/php/sessions directory:

ls -lsa | wc -l


I can see the session files are from March and April. This does not seem normal. I am guessing PHP is not doing a proper cleanup of sessions.

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