FreePBX System Status

I just reinstalled for the 3rd time and now there is a different error. Sever Status has 2 Op Panel Status’s

Server Status
Asterisk OK
Op Panel OK
Op Panel Warn
Web Server OK
SSH Server OK

No need.

it turns out that there is a glitch in how the FreePBX install image is being prepared for the ISO.

It is pulling all the latest module code from SVN when packaging it. That is normally not a problem. However, once in a while it’s possible to pull some changes that have been checked in but not yet published because they are being reviewed or something else, and if the packaging happens at that point you end up with something slightly more recent then the tarball with code that may need changes before publishing as was the case here.

So … that is being changed and will be fixed shortly. In the interim, you can go to online module admin, check for updates online, and even though nothing will show up for the Dashboard you can force install what is online. That will get you the published version which does not have this issue. We’ll be pushing a module out shortly for this that has the correct fix at which point it will also show up as a newly available module.

I’m not quite sure how that could possible happen ???

did you try a force refresh of your browser and a different browser for a sanity check?

I did, cleared my browsers cache and tried different browers…

Can you try a different computer. Looking at the FreePBX Status Module code I do not see how that is possible

I have the same on 2 different box’s. the fly over warns fop is not running but you can access it and it seems fine. 1 is compaq presario and the other is a brand new Dell server, and they are at different locations. I am using chrome browser.


So you see FOP being displayed twice on the status page like the user above sees. Can someone show me a screenshot of this please.

ok it looks like there were a couple checkins to this code just recently but that have not been checked in:




that look like they could make two FOP boxes. Did you pull this directly from SVN as they should not have been pushed down through Module Admin yet?

This was a fresh install this morning 4/21 using the iso. Tony, it displays it exactly like the original post.

Yes I see 2 fop. I have a jpeg but how do I post that

See the green link at the bottom marked “input format”, click on that and it will explain how to setup a link to an image.