FreePBX System Status Statistics

I don’t understand the online users reporting statistics… I have 7 extensions and only 2 UCP’s setup yet the stats show that I have 7 users online (light green) and 4 users online (dark green). Can anyone help me understand this?

It shows you have 4 users online and 7 users offline. which would indicate you have a total of 11 extensions in one form or another.

If you look at the image you posted, The light green is OFFLINE users, dark Green is ONLINE users.

Thanks for the response and yes you are 100% correct that the light green is OFFLINE and not online… my mistake… but as you stated that means 11 users and I simply don’t see how that can be… I mean I still only have 7 extensions created and 2 UCP extensions. What I’m wonder is the following:

7 extensions
2 additional 99xx for each UCP
11 Total

Maybe that’s where the 11 comes from. I really wish the statistics were “active” in the sense that you could click on the info and get some details to what they are saying, in this case what extensions are actually online and offline.

Yes, you might be right about the extensions. Best way to find out would be to remove a couple and see if they go away, my betting is they will…

Try this, goto your admin panel, under the admin tab you will see asterisk CLI… Click and type this (without quotes) “sip show peers” and if you’re using IAX “iax show peers”.

At least this will show you what is online… :smile:

EXCELLENT… that command definitely provides good info and now with selectively deleting and creating extensions and UCP and I should finally understand this… thanks :smile:

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Think I found a bug. I see that deleted extensions don’t delete/release the WebRTC created 99ext extensions:

None of these extensions exist in our system any longer, they were all deleted

991061 (Unspecified) D No No A 0 UNKNOWN
992101 (Unspecified) D No No A 0 UNKNOWN
992103 (Unspecified) D No No A 0 UNKNOWN
992104 (Unspecified) D No No A 0 UNKNOWN
992105 (Unspecified) D No No A 0 UNKNOWN

Interesting, I just removed or disabled webrtc under an extension here, it is still there…I can see the webrtc extensions, I can’t remember how they got there and how to remove them.

Hope one of the DEVs can chime in on this. @tonyclewis

WebRTC is enabled via User Management. Please ensure that you uncheck Enable WebRTC under the user’s account, save, and apply changes.

Bryan I completely understand your point but the issue is that there is no account in User Management to make changes in. Both the User account in the User Management Module and the extension itself have been deleted yet the 99ext’s still remain.

@OPTN, If you deleted the user from the user management module and we aren’t removing the account, open a bug ticket at so we can get that assigned and take a look.

Thanks Bryan:

Sorry, that is what I was referring to.

Thank you for opening the issue. We perform weekly triages on open issues for FreePBX and this will be assigned at our next meeting.

I created a group in the User manager and when I use the command Sip peers show this error. Who can help me remove this error in the system.