Freepbx system hangs or stops responding

I have been having a problem with my Trixbox system for the last month or so. It may have been present all along, but I’m not sure.

Here’s whats happening:

  • System will sometimes stop responding. When I say that, I mean that when I type into the command line, the cursor position moves and/or characters display, but there is no response. Pressing Enter, or any characters, does nothing. I have to reboot the system at this point.

  • Sometimes, if logged into the asterisk CLI, it happens like this: the system stops responding (as far as calls and things go). Then, when I check the CLI and type something in, I get a response… But no the response I want. The computer speaker beeps loudly and doesn’t stop beeping until I power off the system and back on.

Info about My System:

-Trixbox v
-System Status Version 2.6.1
-CPU: Intel Celeron 2.6 GHz
-1 gig ram
-Hudlite server installed
-webmin installed
-other misc modules installed

Any help is much appreciated

you are using the latest version of trixbox so we might be able to help here…

you said “I mean that when I type into the command line, the cursor position moves and/or characters display, but there is no response” This is common when the load on the box is to high to handle the current input because it is busy doing other things. So take a look at what you have going on. you have not provided any info as to trunks, extensions, number of calls handled, etc. but if there is a decent number and you are doing something like recording all calls, playing custom hold music for each call, etc this will increase the load on the box rapidly.

Fontality decided in trixbox 2.6.1 and on to “fork” the FreePBX install it provides and customize it for thier own purposes. Since they have done this and they have NOT provided what they have changed back we have no idea if anything they have done is causing a problem.

In your case I’m guessing not but that is just a guess. take a look at what you are doing right before this starts to happen and watch the load on the box.

You don’t also say if you have a card installed or are using SIP trunks. If you are usign a card make sure that it is using a interrupt all by it’s self as sharing a IRQ can also cause strange results like resource contention which can result in a locked up box as two different parts of the code are fighting against each other instead of actually doing work.

Hello I had the same problem. The scenario is Trixbox Dell optiplex 755 4GB RAM Dual core processor, 85 ext. In the server status window in Freepbx adminn tab use to tell me Asterisk OK, OP Panel OK, MySQL OK, Web Server ERROR, SSH Server OK. I use zaptel and hud. I tried disabling hud and no success, service httpd restart and nothing works. The only workaround was restarting the server completely. But in few days is the same thing. I upgraded freepbx to 2.5 (2.5.0rc1.1 CORE AND FRAMEWORK) and also upgraded all the rest of the modules. I have been working for a week now with no problems. I don’t know why nor how but the problem seems to be fixed. Thanks