FreePBX System Admin > VPN Server to pfSense OpenVPN

FreePBX > System Admin > VPN Server connect to pfSense OpenVPN

I am just starting with this project and I am literally finding nothing. I was hoping to find a “how to” that would help me accomplish connecting a hosted FreePBX server to a local pfSense by way of OpenVPN “site to site”.

Does anyone have any pointers to provide any direction to go?? I really don’t know OpenVPN very well at all however I am very familiar with pfSense.


Good place to start:

The System Admin VPN Server is set up to connect clients to your PBX, specifically phones with built in VPN Clients. If you see the main VPN page here:

You will see examples of how to connect non phone clients, which may give you enough info to adapt a client connection for pfsense.

On the other hand, if you get this working, there are a few of us that would like to have this weapon in our arsenal…

In fact my setup is targeted to endpoint connections, similar to what was described by @lgaetz .
I don’t have site to site working as there is no demand. For the clients my setup is straight forward:

  • OpenVPN server is running on my pfSense appliance
  • ‘remote access’ VPN is configured with certificate and username/password
  • FreePBX seats on the private LAN behind pfSense
  • the only trick is to tell Asterisk that VPN ‘address pool’ is local, I recently mentioned this here