FreePBX + SugarCRM CE

Hi all. I’m looking to do the seemingly impossible - get some connectivity between FreePBX server and SugarCRM CE. Namely, I am looking for two functions:

  • Calls processed through the VOIP (inbound and outgoing) to be tracked on SugarCRM.
  • Dial out functionality on SugarCRM (ie., click a contact’s phone number, Asterisk then opens a conference call between your extension and the contact).

I know both of these are possible, remnants exist of them on the internet, but both systems have updated so much there seems to be no “current” solution. To make matters more interesting, these two servers are installed on entirely different boxes, and their only means of communication are through the Internet.

The current “best” option found so far is this link:
and while both packages install on their respective systems and even can be configured…nothing happens. Nothing is logged, nothing is run, nothing is communicated.

So I turn to the community…is there a way to set this up? I’m all ears, and can happily provide more information if needed to solve this problem.