Freepbx stuck at grub without vga

Hi, suddenly my working freepbx server has stopped to boot automatically and halt at boot loader where you choose the OS by pressing ENTER key. This only happens if Vga is not attached and if I attach vga before booting, it boots automatically. What could be the reason my etc/default/grub has following lines. Ignore last line in the picture, that’s the line I was adding myself…


I have no knowledge about grub configurations, can you plz guide what should be changed in current file.

Setting up grub configurations, by hand, is something I might get involved with about once a decade, and I’ve never done one for a headless system. I’d do it from by looking the documentation, but normally just use the distribution’s installer.

I don’t even know if it’s grub issue or other hardware issue because it was working fine and suddenly it stopped booting without monitor.

I don’t know why it would suddenly start happening, but I have experienced many systems whose BIOS/UEFI won’t boot without a monitor. I use these:

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