Freepbx status report keeps showing failing SIP trunks as online

When using SIP trunks with qualify=yes, Asterisk shows peer as “unreachable” when there is no response anymore.

But Freepbx keeps on showing this trunk as “online” in the Freepbx System Status view.
On the other hand, registered but failing IPphones are counted correctly in the status field, although less important than trunks. Could this be fixed to have a proper status view in FreePBX ?

correction : same problem for IPphones - as long a they are not registered they are not counted in the Online Phones overview, but after registration they keep showing online even when becoming unreachable. Registration timers however are set with longer life time to avoid frequent authentication processing, that’s whay SIP OPTIONS are used for more frequent status check. And trunk gateways do not really need registration, and then they are always displayed as online.So I believe this should be changed in the freepbx status view : look at registrations as well as options reply, which is available from Asterisk in the status field (ref “sip show peers” command via CLI).

When they’re showing UNREACHABLE, they still have an IP address listed in sip show peers so it counts them as online.

You’re looking for /var/www/html/admin/modules/dashboard/class.astinfo.php line 105 if you’d like to change that yourself.

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I’m not a developer, so I can’t fix it myself - but hope version 2.11 gets a solution for this because the dashboard should show the right status, especially for trunks.