FreePBX Stats show >150 offline users, when I only have 107 TOTAL users

So an interesting issue that I’m hoping is stupidly easy to fix.

I have 107 extensions in my system (mix of SIP and SCCP) and 88 users in the User Management database, but the FreePBX stats on the dashboard page show that I have 40 extensions online, and 150 offline… So, my question is, what do I need to clean up these stats so there isn’t such a huge difference between the # of users/extensions I really have, and the number showing as offline?


PS @sangoma guys - I bought a few Commercial Modules but never received an email receipt :frowning:

It’s probably WebRTC Users showing offline - Look under Reports-Asterisk Info-Chan SIP and you should see a bunch of extensions with 99-xxx where the XXX is your real extensions - you can turn them off individually, or if you are not using WebRTC, just remove the module and they will go away.


Thank you! I knew it had to be something stupid that I did. That cleared it right up and got the numbers back to a normal amount of users on the dashboard.