Freepbx ssh copy trunk

hi guys, I can not find the configuration files of my trunks, I can not access via http anymore, I should save the trunks, the output and entry routes, where can I find the files?
I’m looking in / etc / asterisk but I can not find them

If chan_sip, details will be in /etc/asterisk/sip_additional.conf. If pjsip it will be scattered over a bunch of files /etc/asterisk/pjsip*

Everything related to calling and such can be found in /etc/asterisk/*.conf files.

Those are not always the easiest to read/follow though.

Your inbound routes can be pulled from the mysql database. select * from incoming;

Outbound routes is in 4 tables, outbound_routes, outbound_route_patterns, outbound_route_sequence, and outbound_route_trunks.

Whether or not that is easier for you compared to reading the conf files is up to you.

the database is corrupt, the important are the trunks, the routes I can redo.
the sip trunks (I only sip, no pjsip) are just these right? /etc/asterisk/sip_additional.conf

The database is the source for the automatic updates, so as soon as you “Apply Changes”, the system is going to over-write your sip_additional.conf file with the information from the database.

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