FreePBX sound files transcription - Rerecord sound files

Hello everyone,

is there anywhere a text file with the transcriptions of all sound files which are stored under /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/? I could find one in the official Asterisk package but there are missing a lot of files like “press-1”, “press-2”, “to-accept-recording” and so on which are part of the official english language files in FreePBX.
I would like to recreate all sounds for the german language because in the current version there are missing a lot of files which leads to problems with the voicemail and so on.
There is already a project which provides a more completed list of german sound files but the used TTS engine sounds not that natural anymore and the last update is from 2016. I would like to regenerate the sound files with some newer TTS engines. These files will be open source of course.
So if anyone has a completed transciption this would save me a lot of time.

Within the Asterisk project there are two sound collections. Core and extra. Each have their own tarball[1] and each have their own list of sounds in the tarball. “press-1”, “press-2”, and “to-accept-recording” are part of extra and not core.

[1] Index of /pub/telephony/sounds

Found it. Thank you.

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