FreePBX softphones are not closing call sessions for terminated PSTN calls

Dear FreePBX comunity,

we’ve installed FreePBX with Cisco Gateway and we’re able to make and accept PSTN calls but when the calls got terminated from pstn callers, the sessions keeps active on the freepbx soft phones side. It makes the FXO lines on the Cisco gateway off-hook untill the agent ends the call. please advise how to make freepbx soft phones close the pstn call sessions automatically when the call got terminated from the pstn side.

In addition to that when pstn calls arrived on the Cisco gateway, it sends it to the freepbx and if there is no one to answer, the freepbx is not terminating the call. please advise

A disconnect on the PSTN side is usually signaled by a brief interruption of loop current, or a “disconnect tone”, typically a series of beeps. The gateway must be configured to detect these properly. What country are you in? Gateway model? What is the gateway connected to (copper lines from central office, analog lines from cable MTA / fiber router / ONT, something else)?

If your PBX answers the FXO side before an agent answers (to play a greeting, announcement or music), the problem is the same as above. If it has not answered, then the gateway has to determine that ringing has stopped before it will cancel the call. There is usually a (configurable) delay of about six seconds before it knows that no more rings are coming.

Hi Stewart,

thanks for your response.

Country: Ethipia
Gateway: Cisco 2901 with FXO ports, media: copper


Sorry, I know nothing about the 2901. I believe that,Congestion_tone
has the correct disconnect tone. If your carrier drops loop current or reverses polarity when the caller hangs up, you should be able to configure the FXO ports to detect that also.

If you believe that the 2901 is detecting the disconnect but FreePBX is not handling it, make a failing test call, paste the log at and post the link here.

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