FreePBX+sipstation+ Samgoma s705 getting "you have reached a test number"

Just setup freepbx and a demo sipstation account. When I call in to the number I get “you have reached a test number”. I cant call out. What am I doing wrong.?

Two separate issues here. The ‘You have reached a test number’ is the default destination for your inbound route(s). You can edit to an alternate destination. For the outgoing call, double check your outbound routes and make sure they are set up properly.


Thanks for the reply. The inbound route was set to my extension (there is only one phone setup now). Still not working. Please let me know if there are particular screen shots that would be helpful. I am new to freepbx so please bear with me.

Ok, i rebooted the pbx and its working. But now it says the extension is busy when its not and I still dont have outbound. Looks like I didnt provision my phone correctly. I will work on this.

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