FreePBX - SIP Server - SPA3102 - PAP2T-NA - question from a newbie

Hi all,

sorry for my ignorance, but could not find an answer for the whole question.
I do plan to build the following scenario:
FreeBPX with a SIP server using my POTS and having the old phone devices connected.

SPA3102 as gateway for FreePBX to POTS.
Access point for the wireless devices, like my Nokia N95.
FreePBX running as my home SIP server.
Analog FAX and telephone devices with PAP2T-NA as gateway to FreePBX.

  • being able to use my N95 as an extension via home SIP server, when home, via WIFI.
  • being able to use my N95 as an extension via home SIP server, when travelling, via WIFI.
  • being able to travel taking one PAP2T-NA as a home extension, in hotels, etc…
  • outside calls from POTS and VOIP get a message like “press 1 to talk to Joe, press 2 to talk to Jane, press 7 to send a fax, or press 9 to leave a message” and being routed to the desired service.
  • having a dial plan which enable to call using the POTS service when local or long distance call or a external VOIP provider, like Voipcheap, when calling an European country.

Is it all possible, including having my SIP server at home and for calling Europe using anoter VOIP provider?

Anyone did it before? And if yes, could i get help?

Best regards,


Everything you’ve stated is possible with Asterisk.

Thx for answering, Eugene,
could you please explain me how to do it, or point out some tutorials where i can find the answers?

as newbie, i’ve posted a question because i thought that some exeperienced users could help at least with some hints. Just one answered that was i want is possible. Well, i guess i 've landed in the wrong forum. Or all here are newbies like me or the ones who could help are not willing to.
Either case, thx for your time. I’m leaving the forum and will try to hire someone who really understand, and after that, will do as most of the users in this forum. I will keep me knowledge private.
Thx and goobye.

What a jackass.

It is not possible to answer a question as vague as yours. The reason you did not get help is because you did nothing other than ask “how can I do this”.

Did it ever occur to you to install the software, configure your devices (all of which is covered in various documentation projects) and then come back and ask questions regarding specific configuration issues.

I don’t think it it too much to ask a newbie to read a getting started guide and install the software before asking configuration questions.

before calling me jackass, i do have a question: can you really read?
Yes, because my question is not vague.
I did expose a concept and asked if it is possible.
One answered yes, it is. So i asked for hints or pointers. Apparently, no one knows, or if they know, are not willing to share, which is their right.
But before calling me jackass, try to understand what you read.
I am reading and testing… and will not post any other question for rude jackasses like you.

Your installation is a very basic setup, and you should not have much problem getting it to work.

Take a look at “PBX in a Flash without tears”.

Using an N95 as a sip client is a bit more problematic.

I’ve played around with an n97 in that mode, but the results were mixed.