FreePBX server crashing if I wanna start a call

Hi there,

till now I installed FreePBX (FreePBX 15 / Asterisk Version: 15.7.2) more than one time on a hosted cloud server as an OS. Itself seems to work fine since I figured out bugs using the Debian version, so I decided to use the OS directly.
But: I added a SIP trunk, defined outgoing / incoming routes and added an extension. Now I configured XLite and if I start a call from another machine with XLite the whole server is crashing. wtf.
I’m not able to connect to SSH anymore and FreePBX via HTTP is not reachable.
Luckily now I made a snapshot after installation. But did you get the same problem here more often? Didn’t find it yet.

Many thanks in advance.

Try moving off of asterisk 15.7.2

We’ve seen several reports of issues which have that version in common; move back to asterisk 13 or forward to 16

Btw, was 15.7.2 the default version of asterisk you wound up with on a new install ?

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Sorry, wrong said. It’s FreePBX 14. I’m using an ISO on Hetzner do deploy it, and yes, like you can see in the picture I chose the second choice with Asterisk 15 - there’s 15.7.2 as default.

Is there an easy to update Asterisk?

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Thanks, guys. Updated to Asterisk 16.2.1 on the fly now - let’s see what happens.

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Hm, nope. Same behaviour. But I connected via VNC now, rebooted the server and it works again. That’s weird. :slight_smile:

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