FreePBX says I have to update a module cxpanel 3.1.5 (current upgrade)

cxpanel 3.1.5 (current: 3.1.3) says it needs updating but , I can’t find it in the list or when checking online under updates.

How can I re loaded it so it doesn’t show and to see if that is why my phones are now having a calling out issue

thanks for your help

I have the same issue, all of our systems say to update the module but I see nothing showing it needs a update.

cxpanel (current: 3.1.3) , still shows as needing updating over a week now

Could any one tell me what to uninstall and then reinstall to make this module update please ?

I was having the same problem. If you go into Module admin, you will see that iSymphony V3 has an available update.

Either uninstall iSymphony or update it and you should no longer get this message.


PS: I think you need to have the commercial repository enabled to see the update.

@rymes is correct by saying it’s repository based. Though it’s not in the commercial repos (at all). It might be because you have “standard” repo disabled (something that is allowed in 2.11 but prevented in 12). You need to have the right repositories selected when checking online.

Otherwise you can do this (from the CLI):

amportal a ma upgrade cxpanel

Another fun one is:

amportal a ma upgradeall