FreePBX Sangoma A200 Detection Issue (Dahdi Module)

I cannot get the Dahdi Module to recognize my Sangoma A200e card. I can see the card when I run lspci and can set it up via the “setup-sangoma” script but cannot get it to work via the GUI.

I changed the Run Wanpipe In DAHDI/DIGIUM Mode in Sangoma Settings to yes. I reboot the system and the Run Wanpipe In DAHDI/DIGIUM Mode resets back to no.

I have opened a ticket with Sangoma. They logged in to the system but could not resolve the issue.

I made sure FreePBX and all the modules are up to date.

PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-9
PBX Service Pack:
Astersisk 11

Any help would be appreciated.

Still have not resolved this issue. Anybody have any suggestions?