FreePBX - S705 WiFi VPN


Having configured a phone I never see it initiating the VPN connection back to the PBX.


PBX (v16.0.26):

VPN server configured on the PBX via the commercial System Admin (v16.0.28) module.
systemctl and /var/log/openvpn.log show the service is running.

The user has auto-create VPN link set to yes and Endpoint Manager (v16.0.69.10) shows the right template and VPN client profile for the extension.


The phone was configured on-site while connected to the same LAN as the PBX using Endpoint Manager.

When at the remote site the phone boots and connects to the local WiFi but the VPN never comes up. I have also tried this with the phone on the remote sites LAN.

The PBX is behind a firewall and UDP:1194 is mapped from the WAN IP to the PBX. WAN IP’s are static and I’ve avoided using DNS names.

I have tested remote connections to UDP:1194 from the remote site (from a windows desktop) and another remote site (Unix) and can see the connection being routed to the PBX.

I have yet to see a connection attempt from S705 to the PBX and I’m at the point where I could use some help.

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