FreePBX runing on a Livecd won't work

Hello all,
just want to let you know that I’m just learning and experimenting with asterisk and freePBx I know this might not be the right setup but like I say In just experimenting.
What I have do is basically an Ubuntu 7.10 install with asterisk and freepbx this is a hard disk install, everything works great I can do all the FreePBX stuff, well I decided to experiment on creating a livecd from this ubuntu-freepbx setup now that is installed on the HD and working, I have created the live cd, booted from the livecd evrything load, Asterisk, zaptel, apache, mysql etc, when I connect from another PC and type the ip address of that server, I get 2 folders, apache default folder, click on it and displays IT WOKS!! meaning that page is served normal, now I click on html folder I get a blank page nothing but when I used the hard drive install setup no problems everything was just fine…now if I type : I can get to the main page where I can do changes but look all scrambled and out of position…and ugly. does anybody know why this is happening? is it permissions? how did it change?
thank you.