Freepbx retrieve_conf encountered an error 1

(Erik) #1

Hi when I click apply config I get the following error.

from looking at the error, from the command line do I just enter the command: fwconsole ma install core 2 To fix the error?
Thank You in advance for any help.



What doe the “recommended steps” return ?

(Dave Burgess) #3

There are two steps:

  1. fwconsole ma install core
  2. fwconsole ma enable core

The rest is just bad formatting.

(Erik) #4

Thank You I have not tried it yet, The PBX is at a clients office and they are closed for the weekend so I will try it again on Monday.

(Erik) #5

Thank You I will try those commands Monday when the client’s office is back open.

(Erik) #6

Thanks! those two commands did it!

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