FreePBX restrict extension

Hello everyone, is there anyway to restrict another user from register to one extension that’s already active by another user. I mean one extension already register by someone so if another user try to register to this extension, they can not. How could we do it ?
Thank in advance!

Which channel driver are you using, chan_sip will bitch about that but allow it, then the “last man up” gets the channel, chan_pjsip should have “max contacts” should be set to 1

But a bigger question, How can a “user” be allowed to register an extension not under your control? she would need the “secret” and the extension number , did you give both to her?

Yes, but we have build one application for customer service in our resort that include call in FreePBX but this application take random extension from other servers that generate id for this application to register to FreePBX server but other server doesn’t relate to FreePBX that’s why sometime however in FreePBX’s server one extension already register but still other user can register because other server doesn’t know about FreePBX server?

A kind of muddy reply ( at least I don’t understand yet) but best guess :-

If you create an endpoint(s) without authentification, A ) that is hard in FreePBX, B) that is not advised , ever, by anybody. C) That is up to your “application” which would have to itself track a second attempt and basically “just not do that” to an already used one

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