FreePBX Restore not working on 2.8

I have two machines each running Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX 2.8, they were from PIAF. I have gone ahead and made a backup from one machine, then transferred the file to the remote machine. Then I tried to restore, and nothing happened. I tried to restore even small parts like system configuration only, but still nothing.

Any idea why the restore will not work, is there a log or a way to execute this by command line so i can see the issue.

Some notes:

I made sure owner was asterisk:asterisk, i checked the permissions and made it to be the same as any other backup i had made.

The only thing i did was rename the file from some long date .tar.gz to a shorter name like backupnew.tar.gz, but thats it.

Any ideas? i want to try avoiding an incredible pbx backup and restore script, i just never seen this before.

you cant rename the file. It needs that information as part of the restore process.

Really, is that something which changed or have always been the case, I feel in the past i was able to rename the file making it easier for me to remember when moving the file between servers in the command line. I thought that it simple opened the tar.gz file and then recognized the contents.

So your saying it references the naming structure? because certainly if i am moving it from one server to another, the new server would not have any record of this file, so i am asusming something in the restore process is looking for a particular naming convention (pattern)

Yes, the ASTDB restore script will fail. Some stuff will come back but nothing will work right.

Remember you have two DB’s, the MySQL and the ASTDB that uses a Berkeley style ISAM DB.

YUP that worked, thanks all