FreePBX Restart Issue with Cisco 7940 (SIP)

Hey everyone,

I am having an issue regarding my Cisco 7940 and FreePBX. After my FreePBX box restarts, for some odd reason, I have to go to my Cisco 7940 and Enable then Disable NAT in the SIP Configuration menu. If I do not do this, I am unable to receive incoming calls after my FreePBX box restarts.

After the box restarts, I can’t even tell if it is working without calling myself and seeing if the phone rings as it shows the connected icon on the phone.

This gets pretty annoying, especially when the box restarts without my knowledge and I am missing customer calls.

Any help would be much appreciated! Feel free to ask any questions.



I think you will have to post some logs and some config info to move forward on this, probably what firmware you are on.