FreePBX REST Voicemail on Aastra

Hello, we recently purchased to REST Apps and have been testing them in an effort to move away from the legacy Aastra XML Scripts for our customers.
We’ve had some problems with the Voicemail Apps on both the 6737i and new 6867i.

The 6867i works amazingly well, however we have found that there does not seem to be an option to record greetings from the App, I know this was available in the older Aastra XML scripts.

The 6737i App seems to be broken altogether, I can’t seem to play any voicemails, and when I launch the app and try to navigate with the arrow keys I end up marking old voicemails unread instead of playing them or viewing them.

Are these known issues or do I have something wrong on my setup: FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-19

Thank you!

Anyone? Bueller… Bueller…

6737 is on the supported tested list

What versions are you running? firmare bootloader etc…

Recording greetings is part of the app. It’s in settings.

@hbonath if you think the 6737 vm app is broken you can open a commercial module support ticket from within our portal/ ticketing system, and someone can take a look.

Looks like firmware is latest, bootloader