FreePBX Remote Extension

I have been struggling to get external extensions working on a FreePBX installation.
I created a clean installation, added the endpoint manager, created extensions for the phones in question, added a local extension without a problem, then tried to add a remote extension and failed. I then tried to add a remote zopier connection and this failed too.
I then disabled the FreePBX system firewall and the zopier extension connected, however the yealink extension still failed.
The settings are pretty much default.
FreePBX set with a local ip but also lists the external IP address (under SIP Settings/NAT Settings/External Address)
The chan SIP is set to 5060, RTP Port range 10000 - 20000.
Main router/Firewall forwards ports 84, 5060, 10000-20000 to the FreePBX address on the local network.

Phones tried for remote connection Yealink T23G, T41P & T48G.

It may be a simple oversight by me, but despite google, reading on here & youtube videos I’ve no success. I’ve tried having the extenal extensions use the endpoint manager and manually configured too.



Without “call logs” there is no way to help you.

Hi dicko,

Thanks for the help, I’ve got a verbose log showing (I think) the connection of the zoiper connection working and the yealink failing, however, its a 273 line text file, what is the accepted practice for disclosing the file? is it pasting it in the message or a link to the file elsewhere?


Almost all of that is not pertinent to the discussion. Find, within that file, the places where the call fails and trace back a couple dozen lines. The answer will likely be in there.

Hi Dave

Looking through the file, there is a huge amount of info, most of which I can kind of figure out.
I can see incoming sip connection requests that appear to be grouped in 3 lines showing NoOp, Set and Goto (which I am guessing are attempts to create a sip connection from an external source).
I see rejecting unknown sip connection lines, which, is probably what it says on the tin, however, the IP address listed is not the one from the external yealink.

Am I correct in the belief that if I can’t see the ip address for the external yealink in the log its not even getting to the FreePBX?


Yes, that’s a safe assumption.

Hey Dave, I have a free pbx account. I was having difficulty trying to set up a a caller id feature and saw one of your posts on a work around. Based on that i am trying to set up an extension… I am in way over my head trying to do this. i have an almost insignificant understanding of free pbx configuring. Anyway, your posts came up often every time i “thought” i was making progress. Do you do freepbx configuration services for a fee? may be you can help me out. Thanks

I will do some work for a fee, but it’s dependent on my schedule, which is completely full for the next several weeks.

If you are looking for commercial support, you can always use Sangoma - they are very quick and have an even more in-depth understanding of the system than me.

Having said that, if you can tell us what you are trying to do, there are plenty of people here that are willing to help. Keep in mind that we aren’t mind readers, so you will need to explain what you want to happen for us to help you.

This thread is about a phone “remote” to the rest of the OP local network. If you are trying to do the same thing, there are several courses of action you can use, but we’ll need details. Version numbers on your FreePBX installation and the types of phones you are using are essential in helping you, as well as a description of what you are trying to get working.