FreePBX Registration for commercial Products

I am new to freepbx and have just installed freepbx Distro.I want to register my deployment for commercial modules.I went to system admin and clicked activate but nothings appears like dployment id etc.the page as it is reloads and i cant activate the deployment.

PLZ PLZ help

As far as I know there’s no problems! What version of FreePBX are you running? (It’ll say down the bottom of the page).

This often happens because the FreePBX machine is unable to reach the Activation server. You may need to make sure that the machine has internet access.

Its 5.211.65-18 with Asterisk Ver. 11.13.0.And i have internet access i have downloaded the some commercial and freemodules but cant register my PBX .

looks like you should actually run the upgrade track from 5.211.65-18 (download every script and run it till it takes you to level and then continue till it takes you to the latest. (just running yum update isn’t really doing this. You also should restart it any time it tells you in the process)