FreePBX refreash

We’re running an old version of FreePBX 2.11 and Asterix 11.14.2 on an old physical server all TCP/IP. We have inhouse systems that pull call data for sales reasons.

Looking for suggestions on the best way to get this onto my VMware environment.

Should I build a new VM server with old FreePBX / Asterix software and try to restore data?

Should I Build a new VM server with the new FreePBX / Asterix and build it from scratch?

Should I try to P2V the old server (Tried this with not much luck - the current physical server has a software raid and the VM won’t boot.)

Other Questions:
using the backup and restore procedure will I get everything including the MYSQL and any tweaks to the configuration?

Thanks for the help, if you know any part of these questions it would be appreciated.

That’s a really old version of both FreePBX and Asterisk and neither are supported anymore. If you have the old software available to you (I’m assuming distro?) I would build a new machine with the old software and then restore a backup.

Not sure if the backup will include any modifications you’ve made to the MySQL database, it all depends on how the backup handles the database.

You may however want to consider building a system from scratch with the newest versions of everything and bringing it up parallel for testing. That way you accomplish two things at once. You get your PBX on a VM and upgrade to the latest versions.

Thanks for the reply. I agree that trying to build the old system would just delay the inevitable of upgrading. The P2V would have been a nice option to give us a way to backup / restore and get rid of the software raid built into the original build. We tried to build an old version using the software raid and couldn’t P2V that machine as well. Also with our test machine pulling one disk made it un-bootable.

So I think our only option will be to install a new version of FreePBX and Asterix and migrate our phone and network there.

Would you know a good solid build to use running on ESXi6.5?


Unless you have a very strong reason to do otherwise, install the official ISO, use the built-in tools to update it and go from there.

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