Freepbx redirections

i have installed freepbx on my fedora server, and it’s worked the way i expected but i decided to make redirections of the files contained in /var/www/html to a new directory that i called www/.
For the file manager.conf I replace the webroot /var/www/html into /opt/freepbx/www

For the file httpd.conf i replace /var/www/html into /opt/freepbx/www

For the file /etc/freepbx.conf , i replace the line require_once(’/var/www/html/admin/bootstrap.php’)
into require_once(’/opt/freepbx/www/admin/bootstrap.php’).

I have also give all the permissions that require.

After all this, i have this error and i did not manage to correct and see my freepbx web page.
Does anyone have an idea to fix this problem ?