FreePBX questions for a trixbox CE user


I have 3 offices with the “old-style” green and silver trixbox appliance:

All 3 are outfitted with Sangoma cards to connect to digital PRI lines, and use PolyCom SoundPoint IP330 SIP phones.

My larger office is on trixbox v2.6.2.3 and my 2 smaller offices are on v2.8.0.4.

I’m looking for some upgrade advice:

  1. Is there a FreePBX distro that works best on the trixbox appliances (including the front-mounted LCD info panel)?
  2. All 3 appliances are working great. Should I go through the trouble of backing up and starting with a new distro or is there an upgrade path? Please keep in mind I am slightly above n00b-level on linux.

Thanks in advance for all the advice!


It is completely possible to upgrade the systems in place, however it probably would challenge a self described “n00b”.

The front panels use a program called LCD4Linux that you can install on the distro.

I would consider using our FreePBX professional support team. They could convert all the systems and your outcome would be assured.

Hi Scott, thanks for your response!

Please give me a specific contact I could talk with about this and let me know what info I’ll need to provide so I can have this ready. I’d like a quote or at least a not-to-exceed price so I can get this into my budget. Thanks!


I am not sure if they can do a not to exceed without investigation.

I would purchase one hour of support and have them analyze your system.

Just mention in the ticket this thread and what you are trying to do.

I am on vacation this week in Florida, I can do it when I get back. Just ask for Scott when you open the support ticket.

Okay, I’ll try to contact you next week. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

I’m more inclined to buy a block of 5 or 10 hours because of the discount, but hopefully we can get more info next week first. Thanks,