FreePBX Project

Hi, i have the below requirement

Freepbx to connect to Magrathea (Done and works)
End User PBX to connect to FreePBX and then route inbound / outbound calls (This works)

However i now need to do some advanced stuff which i am not able to find anywhere in the docs.

each end user pbx connecting to freepbx will have its own SIP Extension on FreePBX and DDI Range.

Outbound CLI
at the moment, any value passed from end user PBX is passed to FreePBX and then Magrathea, I need to restrict this to trusted and approved outbound caller IDs basically if they have a number range for example 0203 1234567-1234569 then only allow the end user to pass this to Magrathea.

Inbound CLI
I need to inject the [email protected] so end user pbxes can route the calls.

thats all i need to know for now, can anyone point me in the right direction?

still looking for a solution for this. Anyone?

Users shouldn’t be passing you caller ID. It sounds like you are trying to make FreePBX a soft switch and a soft switch it is not. This would require a custom dial plan.

You may be able to do this with the setcid module