FreePbx prelogin screen not appeared from version

Recently we did a upgrade from freepbx freepbx-2.9.0 to freepbx, after the changes we could not see a prelogin popup screen
with the 2.11 version instead of that I can see a ‘FreePBX
Administration’ icon. Is there any way to bring old function back like
prelogin screen as 2.9 version (Authentication required “A username and
password are being requested by http://” “FreePBX

Appreciate your suggestions.

Could you not just book mark the login page?

Thanks for the response. I cannot book mark since I am using perl script LWP userAgent to access url of the freepbx, why don’t my script LWP::UserAgent credential work for version ?
But same Perl script works for freepbx-2.9.0. Below is my script details.

Perl script

my $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies->new( file => ‘/tmp/lwp_cookies.dat’, autosave => 1);
my $browser = LWP::UserAgent->new;
$browser->credentials(FREEPBX_IP . ‘:80’," FreePBX Administration",FREEPBX_USER,FREEPBX_PASS);
$url = ‘http://localhost:80/admin/config.php?type=setup&display=extensions’;
$response = $browser->get($url);

I believe, when I access url as http:///admin, where it takes me to landing page with Admin login icon and have to click on Admin icon to get login in popup prompt, But this procedure is not with freepbx-2.9.0 due to this my script failed to execute. Can someone help me with the working model for the same.

It doesn’t work because we use form based login not apache/http based login. You would have to submit the form data to the page instead.