Freepbx Polycom VVX 410 miss calls,received calls, placed call all have sip:

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When you look through the missed call or received calls on the polycom vvx 410 it show the telephone number but also the sip details. How do i make it so it does not display sip details only the telephone numbers. Is it a freepbx configuration change or a polycom configuration change.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I have asked a few question on this forum and found very one to be extremely help. So thank you :slight_smile:

This is a Polycom configuration change. If you’re using the Commercial EPM then by default the templates have URI dialing disabled. If you’re not then whatever config you have doesn’t have this setting in it and the phone’s default is to allow SIP URI dialing. When that is enabled, the calls appear as full SIP URI’s vs just the numbers.

In the feature section is where you would set this.

..other feature settings...
<feature.urlDialing feature.urlDialing.enabled="0"></feature.urlDailing>

This feature can only be enabled/disabled via a config file. You cannot do it in the phone’s GUI or LCD screen. There are no options visible for it.


This worked an absolute treat. Thank you) Should i be concerned if looking through config file i saw no other features other than this one just added. Which other features would be go to have or an absolute must.


How are you provisioning these phones?

All by the GUI. I get phone set up then downloading the all config file and then amending in txt editor and then uploading to the other phones.

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Well, you need to use something to hold these configs the phones can pull from. There is going to be more than just some features that you’ll probably want to update and you really can’t do that in the GUI cleanly.

Enable Call List
<feature.callList feature.callList.enabled="1"></feature.callList>

Enable Missed Call List
<feature.callListMissed feature.callListMissed.enabled="1"></feature.callListMissed>

Enabled Calls Placed (dialed) List
<feature.callListPlaced feature.callListPlaced.enabled="1"></feature.callListPlaced>

Enable Calls Received List
<feature.callListReceived feature.callListReceived.enabled="1"></feature.callListReceived>

These should be default anyways.

Enable Local Call Recording for when the user has a USB stick in the USB port. This will provide the recording controls as softkeys.
<feature.callRecording feature.callRecording.enabled="1"></feature.callRecording>

Disable Local Do No Disturb on the phone. I do this to stop confusion.
<feature.doNotDisturb feature.doNotDisturb.enable=“0”></feature.doNotDisturb>

Enable SIP Messaging on the phone

<feature.messaging feature.messaging.enabled="1"></feature.messaging>

Enable Programmable Softkeys
<feature.enhancedFeatureKeys feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1"></feature.enhancedFeatureKeys>

Enable the local Conference Call settings. Allowing the user to use the phones conference settings to N-Way calling.
<feature.nWayConference feature.nWayConference.enabled=“0”>

You also need this to remove the DND / Call Forward Softkeys to disable doing both at the phone.

<softkey.feature softkey.feature.doNotDisturb="0" softkey.feature.forward="0"></softkey.feature>

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