FreePBX polling Time Server every three minutes

My network firewall log shows the FreePBX is polling the time server every three minutes.

Once a day should be ample, is there a NTP polling interval setting I can change?

It is the server not the software polling. It continues after fwconsole stop.

It’s NTP I am sure that polling.

Yes, I’m looking to set the polling interval.

See and .

However, why would you want to do this?
If it’s just the log clutter, I would assume that your firewall can ‘whitelist’ this traffic.
Surely not the bandwidth; even on a slow 1 Mbps connection, it’s about 0.0004%
Or the cost, if you pay a cloud provider $0.12/GB for egress, it’s about $0.002 per year.

Note that if you do a simple daily update e.g. with ntpdate, a system clock frequency error of 0.01% would result in errors of up to eight seconds. If for troubleshooting you need to compare event times between systems, this could be problematic.

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Thank you Stewart, cost is not an issue, I was just concerned if this would have been an issue. You (and the links) have clarified this.


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