FreePBX Phone System 40

So, which port do we need to plug in our ethernet cable to get an IP address on the FreePBX 40? I have a friend who bought one and he’s not getting an IP address when he’s plugged into one of the ethernet ports. The setup guide does not go over this simple first step.

I don’t think that a DHCP service in enabled by default.
You will need to serial to the box and setup the network.

If that’s true, which I’m am having to guess not, that would be crazy to have to do.

Most PBX’s are installed into existing networks. You would never want to DHCP servers connected to the same lan.

Let me clarify what I’m asking. I’m not wanting to know how to enable the DHCP server on the FreePBX appliance. We are not getting an IP address when the appliance is connected to the existing network. Is there a specific ethernet port we need to use?

The one marked at eth0 has DHCP enabled. This should be in our wiki for appliances which is referenced in the guide out in the box of the PBX when shipped out.

I don’t think the guide mentions the wiki. This is what the printed guide looked like: