Freepbx phonbook and grandstream phones


I’ve look everywhere but i cannot find how to use freepbx to share contacts with Grandstream phones.

Pls can you help me?

I believe Phone Apps might do it for Grandstreams. You’d need to check the wiki.

Phone Apps don’t support any GS devices. There is no supported way to do this with FreePBX, but there may well be hacks floating around.

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I have a script that creates an XML phonebook that is compatible with grandstream, yealink and snom phones. It is quite simple but it covers my use case. You just have to run it the first time and re-run it if you add, delete or modify extensions. In my case it is not an issue because I don’t have much employee rotation. But if you regularly modify extensions, you can set a cron job to execute it regularly. If you’re interested, let me know.

Why dont you use a LDAP server?

And let your Grandstreams look it up there?

In addition, you could use CID-Superfecta for incoming and outgoing calls to lookup the names (LDAP server).

I have a few thing in here designed for Yealink phones. I don’t have a grandstream handy to test with. But if you can post the right format, I could probably tweak one of these

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